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BYB Surfboards

Shaper: Pat Mulhern Location: Oceanside, CA 92054 Phone: (858) 602-6385 Email: Contact Via Phone Website: http://www.backyardboards.com

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Bulkley Surfboards

Shaper: Bryan Bulkley Location: Oceanside, CA 92054 Phone: (310) 214-8597 Email: bulkleysurfboards@hotmail.com Website: http://www.bulkleysurfboards.com

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Borst Surf Designs

Shaper: Chris Borst Location: Oceanside, CA 92058 Phone: Contact Via Email Email: borstsurfboards@gmail.com Website: http://www.borstsurfboards.com

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Ambrose Surfboards

Shaper: Shawn Ambrose Location: Oceanside, CA 92054 Phone: (760) 917-5502 Email: realsurfshop@hotmail.com Website: http://www.shawnambrose.com/

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Windigo Surfboards

Shaper: Bary Snyder Location: Oceanside, CA 92058 Phone: (760) 439-8000 Email: contact@windigointernational.com Website: www.windigosurfboards.com

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Von Sol Surfboards

Shaper: Sean Mattison Location: Oceanside, CA 92054 Phone: (760) 433-6943 Email: volsolsurf@gmail.com Website: www.vonsol.com

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XTR Surfboards

Shaper: Javier Huarcaya Location: Oceanside, CA 92054 Phone: (760) 722-8161 Email: jhpsurfboards@live.com Website: www.jhpsurfboards.com

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Wisdom Surfboards

Shaper: Mark Wisdom Location: Oceanside, CA 92058 Phone: (760) 683-4916 Email: Wisdom Surfboards Contact Form Website: www.wisdom-surfboards.com

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Wave Weapons Surfboards

Shaper: Lou Dog Location: Oceanside, CA 92054 Phone: (760) 529-9961 Email: waveweapons@cox.net Website: www.waveweapons.com

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Teqoph Surfboards

Shaper: Bill Johnson Location: Oceanside, CA 92058 Phone: (760) 512-0717 Email: info@teqophsurfboards.com Website: www.teqohsurfboards.com

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New Kreation Surf Products

Shaper: Scott Raisbeck Location: Oceanside, Ca 92054 Phone: (760) 757-5831 Email: Website Contact Form Website: www.nksurfproducts.com

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Linden Surfboards

Gary Linden’s name is a household staple in the big wave surfing clique. He has shaped boards for some of the gnarliest big wave chargers and has influenced many others in the Southern California shaping scene. He began shaping in 1967 with the Wind-n-sea surf club, borrowing his first template from Skip Frye and making […]

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