Barry Snyder Designs and Windigo Surfboards – Shaper of the Month November 2012

Barry Snyder of Windigo Surfboards and Barry Snyder Designs

Barry Snyder can be described as a curious, creative, and asymmetrical minded surfboard shaper. Since his beginnings as a factory grom sweeping floors for the Linden Surfboards factory, he’s been around through many changes in the shaping industry.

A true craftsman by nature, Barry is the type who enjoys strolling through Home Depot and letting his imagination take over and often ends up creating boards with quite non traditional items. Among gluing up his own blanks with agave plant stringers that he grows in his front yard, Barry has glassed burlap sacks, window screens, and a massive black widow spider into some of his more recent projects. The bag of tricks doesn’t end there as he is also a master air brusher.

Much of his art and style is heavily influenced by a deep passion for hot rods, rivets, and all things post industrial WWII. Barry has no use for a CNC machine because he already has two attached to his body in the form of hands. When not cruising in his ’55 Chevy or testing a new model in the water, you’ll find him using his well trained hands to produce some of Oceanside’s finest surf craft. Just like he has been doing for decades.