The Boardroom International Surfboard Show – 2012

The 2012 Boardroom International Surfboard Show at the Del Mar Fairgrounds was all time! Industry heads collided with surf savvy groms from age 5 to 50 who roamed the event floor and soaked up everything on offer.

The event brought together the producers of varying takes on the type of boards one can make to ride a wave. On hand were legends like Mark Richards, Robert August, and Lance Carson. Next to these classic craftsman were also far out concepts like Evilgood’s coffin shaped board and Donny Brink’s bodysurfboard. Suffice to say there was plenty of creativity on tap. If you didn’t make it out, don’t blow it next year.

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Be Kind, Rewind: Vintage Surf VHS

Dude, where’s my VHS dry cleaning tape cartridge?

Surfers Journal VHS frontDo you remember back when going down to the video store to rent VHS tapes and video games then pick up some candy, pizza and Mountain Dew on the way home was a core part of your regular routine? The grainy speckled frames and off pitch sound of a worn VHS tape still hold a special place in my heart.

Candy, pizza and Mountain Dew

The other day our favorite bike mechanic friend, Ryan, brought this gem to us because we’re the only people he knows with a regularly used VHS player. Ever since that day, we haven’t been able to put other tape in. A younger Slater ripping combined with the power surfing of Tom Curren in this first volume of The Surfers Journal Biographies videos released in 2000 is too epic to put away. At the price of $36.95 it cost a pretty penny back in it’s day. That’s equivalent to nearly $50 at our current point of inflation! Fear not though, it’s worth every penny.

Surfers Journal VHS PriceIt’s always a trip to watch older videos because they’re on bigger boards. Slater and Curren kill it in this video regardless! Having surf movies on DVD is nice because you can watch multiple different versions and skip sections you don’t like. However, getting a hold of an old VHS surf movie makes you feel like you’re holding a piece of surf history. If you ever get come up on a collection of old surf VHS tapes at a garage sale, pick ‘em up! Call all your friends, have a throwback party and let the good times roll! What VHS tapes do you have in your surf video collection?