Shaper of the Month January 2013 Dennis Kane of DK Surfboards

Who are you and where are you from?
My name is Dennis Kane. Originally from Ocala, Florida and now living in Encinitas, CA.

What are DK Surfboards?
DK surfboards is an ever evolving progression of hand made surfboards in the United States of America

How long have you been shaping?
I have been shaping for almost exactly 10 years now. I started on my parents back porch in Florida when i was 14 or 15. I did about a hundred boards for friends and decided to move to California 10 days after graduating high school.

Who was the first person to show you how to shape a surfboard?
The first person I ever watched shape a surfboard was Rich Pavel, up on the hill in Encinitas. In Florida I was self taught and learned things the hard way and at a snails pace. As soon as I moved West I’ve been surrounded by a lot of really talented shapers and have been inspired by Steve Boysen, Rich Pavel, Chris Christenson, Michael Baron, Jeff Clark, Matt Biolas; just to name a few. I’m always inspired by what Jim Philips is building and talking surfboards or picking the brain of guys like Marlin Bacon.
I surf all over., but quite often you’ll find me at many of the local spots here in Encinitas. I try to get down to Blacks a fair bit and enjoy a lot of the La Jolla reefs. Summer time I’ll sniff out the other spots whether it be north county or far south

Outside of Shaping and Surfing what do you enjoy doing with your free time?
Other than surfing I skateboard and try to snowboard as often as I can. I get just as psyched on snow because I didn’t grow up with that, so a good day on the mountain is always necessary.

What style of boards do you like to shape?
I enjoy shaping a variety of different shapes. From the beginning I have always wanted to be known as a guy that can shape anything. I think that’s important. There is always going to be something you are more known for or maybe a popular trend that magazines are selling, but as long as you stay open to the changing designs and technology and revisit old ones with new concepts, I’d say we should definitely be able to keep it fun and interesting.

Do you like to test out your boards? Who do you give your boards to to test out that you can really trust?
I like to test out my own designs and I have everything from single fins to bonzers and everything inbetween. Other than that feedback from riders, friends, and everyday customers is always useful in fine tuning designs.

What board do you enjoy shaping the most?
My favorite thing to shape would be pintails. I think they are the most pleasing to the eye. I still enjoy handshaping a true custom for someone. Whether it be one of my models or something totally unique.

What is in store for DK surfboards in 2013?
In 2013 I have a lot of new things in the works. A couple new shortboard models coming to the website soon a long with some new technologies. Keep an eye on www.dksurfboards.com for more info.

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  1. BB88
    BB88 says:

    Yeah DK!!! Got a 5’8 Quad fish shaped by him and it goes insane! Thanks for the sick board still loving it every time I take it out!

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