Shaper of the Month – July 2013 – Nate Gill of Kinetic Energy Surfboard Design

Lifelong resident of Ocean Beach and surfboard shaper Nate Gill is an up and coming craftsman here in San Diego, California. Under his label Kinetic Energy Surfboard Designs, his goal is to make boards designed for Southern San Diego’s variety of surf breaks…whether it’s the OB Pier or Sunset Cliffs. Ever since he was kid, Nate has always been skilled with his feet grew up spending long hours cruising on his skateboard with friends. He was also lucky enough to get the chance to watch John Neve of Trueline Custom Surfboards mow foam and fiberglass boards at a young age, which made a powerful impression about shaping on him.

Whether it’s a fish, shortboard, or funboard you know it will work because of Nate’s intimate knowledge of the curves a rhythm of the waves nearby. With a tribe of his own groms on the way up, make sure to keep your eyes peeled…this father of 3 will definitely be providing them with a solid head start on their way to a long, saltwatery, sun drenched, and healthy life.

To order a board or learn more about Nate Gill and Kinetic Energy visit: