Surfing in Oceanside

Oceanside has an old school beach vibe with a unique mixture of military families and surfers who all enjoy a perfect milkshake at Ruby’s. There are many fun spots to paddle out including the Oceanside Harbor, Pier, and surrounding beach breaks. With good swell exposure, you can usually find something to surf at most points in the year. If the waves are garbage, there’s no shortage of post surf taco spots along the PCH. Fill up and take a trip to visit to the legendary California Surf Museum, a place that everyone in the family will enjoy.

Oceanside Surf and Skate Shops

(760) 433-4020

Captains Helm
(760) 721-1004

Real Surf Shop
(760) 754-0670

Surfboard Shapers in Oceanside San Diego

21-13 Surfboards
Shaper Name(s):
Mike Walter
Avila Surfboards
Shaper Name(s):
Mauricio Avila
Barr Surfboards
Shaper Name(s):
David Barr
Barry Snyder Designs
Shaper Name(s):
Barry Snyder
Blackbird Surfboards
Shaper Name(s):
Tim Crozier
Borst Surf Designs
Shaper Name(s):
Chris Borst
Boysen Surfboards
Shaper Name(s):
Steve Boysen
Bryne Surfboards
Shaper Name(s):
Michael Baron