Surfing Vicariously: Nicaragua – Part I

Tired of work? Surf Vicariously.

nicaragua shack

Surf with us as we follow our buddy Ricky Burrows down South to Nicaragua.

This category is dedicated to following our buddies around the world and hearing about their experiences with the surf and finding surfboards when in need. You might see a few finners and barrels along the way but thats just how it goes.

broaken board nicaraguaRecently our good friend went on a little surf trip down South to Puerto Sandino, Nicaragua. He has seen some good swell so far and has documented some broken boards. Life on the road in need of a surfboard can be rough. It is always tough to find someone with an extra board they are willing to sell or even a local surf shop that has a few boards. It’s always awesome when you discover a local shaper whos in tune with the local waves and knows what boards work well. Stay tuned for part 2 of Surfing Vicariously: Nicaragua where Ricky does a little recon for us about some local surfboard shapers in Nicaragua.

Lately I’ve been doing some recon on a few breaks a bit off the beatin path which has been a blast. Was super stoked to get hooked up with a panga boat driver who took me out to a sick nearby point just south of my spot. After a nice session out there I decided to venture north up the coast the old fashion way – on foot. There were a few casualties along the way: one being my prized wolf tee and two, my virgin arm meat.