TEE DEE KAY Surfboards – October 2012 Shaper of the Month

TEE DEE KAY Surfboards – Shaper of the Month October 2012 – localshapers.com from localshapers on Vimeo.

TEE DEE KAY Surfboards – October 2012 Shaper of the Month

TDK LogoTodd is a gentle soul with a deep passion for shaping excellent surfboards and running Pride Surf and Skate down in Ocean Beach, California. A father with two groms of his own, TDK makes sure the skate section is stocked and surfboards are always on tap for them to go play together in the waves.

You can teach them some of the things you’ve learned about surfing and then when you watch them surpass your skills and they’re 13 years old, as much as it’s bitter sweet, it’s also a thrill at that moment.

If you ever get the opportunity and are lucky enough to catch TDK when it’s not too busy at the shop, make sure to take some time and enjoy his presence. Spark up a conversation and listen to what this guy has to say. He’es a great storyteller and has the power to express concepts with such conviction that you walk away brimming with stoke and encouragement. You’ll definitely learn something you didn’t know before.

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