Down The Line with Alrik Yuill of Space Time Surfboards

You can’t help but notice a board like this when you first see one. This thing is stringerless and designed to haul ass; it would be a trip to jump on one of these. Alrik has knack for shaping boards and is also an amazingly talented artist and sculpter. Listen to what he has to say in our first ever installment of Down The Line. Check back soon for more of your favorite shapers talking theory behind some of their favorite designs. Coming up next is John Wesley and his space pin model.

So this is a stringerless flex suspension board. Basically allowing the board to bend and re-coil and accelerate in a directional pattern. The boards maintain their vitality longer because the stinger doesn’t decompose. The contours flow with the wave better, and then it releases and projects for speed.

-Alrik Yuill

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