Decisions, Decisions…

With a few different friends traveling North and South for a Thanksgiving weekend getaway, a choice had to be made on which way to pack up and point the van. After a rather short deliberation which included some homework with a AAA map, weather reports, swell models, and current sea surface temperature chart the best option became clear. Light winds, good weather, warm water and favorable swell were all coming together and we knew right where to be.

Among the quiver of boards we brought with us, the best suited for what the conditions provided were the ones with low rocker, wide templates, and plenty of paddle power to fight the relentless sweeping current. I enjoyed wearing a longsleeve spring suit and mostly rode a Siegel, Pooh Surfboards 5′ 6″ twin fin fish and 7’2″ Stu Kenson diamond tail single-fin.

Here’s Alex Marjanovic laying into a nice long wall and throwing a bucket with his fish.

Brian Grover found some really nice lines on his Firewire and connected this one all the way inside.